What happened to baby Lisa?

I  hear or read daily about the little 10 month old baby that just disappeared. I’m sure many of you have heard about it as well, as it has become national media attention. Many people suspect Lisa Irwin’s mother of doing something horrible to her child. Most of what she says on television and in other interviews, she doesn’t sound that credible. But guess what?

Not every mother of a missing baby/child is like Susan Smith and Casey Anthony.

Sometimes, the child is in fact stolen in the middle of the night without a trace. People go missing all the time with no clues to their whereabouts. Look at the three missing women from Springfield that I previously wrote about. They disappeared almost 20 years ago and there are no clues to tell where they went or what happened.

Someone said on Oprah once, so many children are stolen from their families and that not every missing child turns up dead, many times they are found alive not realizing they had been been stolen from their birth family. Of course there are times when they are taken for other reasons but are still found more than ten years later. Jaycee Dugard was missing for nearly two decades when she was found alive. I remember when, in 2007, 13 year old William “Ben” Ownby disappeared and a week later not only was he found, but so was 15 year old Shawn Hornbeck who had been missing for 4 years. Both had been kidnapped by Michael Devlin.

Hopefully little Lisa Irwin will be found alive soon. If she’s not and one or both of her parents are responsible, then and only then should they be prosecuted for their actions. Not before we even find out where this precious baby is and if she’s okay.


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