Survivor Season 23 and more….

Are you ready for Survivor Season 23? Twenty three seasons of Survivor, can you believe it. I hardly ever watch a single episode of the show, let alone an entire season. Every once in a while though, the cast intrigues me so much that I’m hooked. Last season was one of those seasons and I think I will watch again this season just to see how far in the game Coach(aka Dragon Slayer) gets. I’m secretly hoping he wins, but only if I don’t find someone else more worthy of my support.

In case you didn’t know, Benjamin “Coach” Wade along with another Survivor star, Danielle DiLorenzo were in a movie together before Coach’s Survivor homecoming. The movie, 180, was written, directed and produced by a group of guys I went to school with. While the film is not available for distribution yet, it is in the works. Check out the synopsis and the trailer below and let me know what you think.

Benjamin “Coach” Wade (Survivor’s Dragonslayer) blazes onto the screen as Rock-god Gavin Larson. Gavin’s band, The Zebras, is on top, living every rock and roll fantasy. That is until Gavin’s band mates perish in a fiery plane crash.

Tormented by the memory of his band and the fading of his once bright star, Gavin begins a downward spiral of denial, delusion, and self-medication. His only chance at redemption rests in the people he’s screwed and the bridges he’s burned. Gavin’s plan? To form a new band and rule the world.


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