Have I mentioned how much I love Netflix?

Malia with the One2One Network recently asked followers on Facebook what canceled/ended television show do you miss watching? Of course, I’m the type of person who grew up watching television and I have a ton of shows that I miss.

Or that I at least wish I could have seen what happened next, but were suddenly canceled for whatever reason. One of those shows that I miss, I was able to find on Netflix – Dark Shadows: The Revival Series (1991).

This prime-time television remake of the classic gothic soap opera was executive produced by Dan Curtis, the creator of the original series, who brings a 1990s sensibility to his beloved 1960s drama. After an unsuspecting handyman releases vampire Barnabas Collins (Ben Cross) from his tomb, the charismatic immortal begins meeting the new residents of Collinwood Manor — including lovely governess Victoria Winters (Joanna Going).

I was 10 when the revival series came out and I loved it, and I love that I can relive it through Netflix. Another show that canceled suddenly was Model’s Inc., which was a spin-off of Melrose Place. It wasn’t that great of a show, and I don’t necessarily miss it, but it was canceled after the season finale in which one of the main characters was getting married and there was a bomb that exploded at the wedding – I never got to find out who survived, darn it!

What show do you miss that ended/canceled suddenly.


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