Guilty after proven innocent?

We all know what verdict was announced today. Like a lot of others, I am upset because I truly believe that woman killed her precious little girl. But someone posted something on facebook today that I wanted to repost now.

So Casey Anthony will probably be released soon and will possibly relocate and perhaps feel like she needs to find a church. What if it’s yours? What if she’s in your small group? In your living room?

I don’t know how I would respond. It’s hard to forgive those who are possibly responsible for such a horrible act against someone unable to defend themself. Please leave a comment responding to the above – I look forward to reading what you all think.


4 thoughts on “Guilty after proven innocent?

  1. Justice was not served…I betting my bottom dollar that little miss mommy dearest was as guilty as guilty can be…What's up with that verdict anyway!


  2. @Crystal – exactly! With all the lying she did before being tried, why would anyone believe a word she said if she claimed she had reformed and was a changed person. I wouldn't want her anywhere near my family.

    I feel guilty saying that, but I feel bad that the little girl she was responsible for keeping safe was not given the best life possible.


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