My favoritist movie, evah!

Do you have a favorite movie? One that you have watched countless times since you were a child? What was it about it that made it your favorite?

Mine is Anne of Green Gables. Really, I like the whole series. But it’s the first one that I absolutely love. And some of the scenes of Prince Edward Island are absolutely breath-taking. My childhood was slightly different, but I always identified with Ann with an e and her red hair and wild imagination. Just like Anne, I grew up without my parents but eventually came to live in a loving home with my Aunt.

So what is your favorite movie of all time and why?


3 thoughts on “My favoritist movie, evah!

  1. As a child I leaned more towards the Lassie shows and Black Stallion series.

    The one I could watch over and over again now is The Princess Bride and Knight and Day.

    Two really good movies!


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