Crazy Dog T-Shirts Review

My brother-in-law and his wife are huge World of Warcraft fans. I think they’ve bought every extension upgrade pack x2 – one each. So when I was looking at t-shirts to review for, I saw the Evolution of War t shirt, pictured to the left and knew I had to get it. The shirt was listed in the video game t-shirts section of the website, where you can find t-shirts for many different popular games.

The shirt is screen-printed and when I washed and dried it, it looked just like it did when I got it. I loved this t-shirt and I would definitely return to buy more t-shirts in the future. You can purchase CrazyDog T-Shirts for anywhere from $25 to $6.

There are many other categories to choose from when buying a t-shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts. They have a lot of t-shirts from The 80s as well as a selection of Jersey Shore t-shirts.

*This review is my honest opinion and I was not financially compensated in any way by or for my review. I only received the shirt mentioned above in order to provide an honest review.


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