This is not a post I wanted to do

I wanted God to make things better, to heal someone who had been wounded.

How do you help your young child deal with a death? It’s hard enough when you expect someone to die. Whether they had a long-term illness or it was just their time to go because they had already lived a very long life. You have a chance then, to prepare your child. But how do you help your child cope when their principal is in a horrible accident and passes just two days later?

Saturday, My daughter’s principal (seen in the picture) was in an ATV accident on her farm. She was on life-support and wasn’t doing well. But being the humans we all are – we prayed. We prayed for a miracle. We prayed for her family. We just prayed.

Sadly though, our small town lost an exceptional educator. Leasha DeCamp, 41, was a native of our little town. She attended high school here and was the original Blue Jay mascot. She was a Special Education teacher in the high school where my husband attended and after that was Director of Special Education in the school district just west of here. When she became principal three years ago at the Elementary School my daughter attends, the Superintendent had a Blue Jay costume purchased for her for use at the school.

She was memorable. I remember each time I saw her, she was dressed to perfection. She always had on big earrings and bracelets. She always looked beautiful – and she was, inside and out. She always had a smile on her face. Nothing could bring her down, not even cancer. Just two years ago she was diagnosed with stage-3 cancer, and she beat it.

So now, now we have lost a wonderful person who touched so many lives. My daughter loved her, as did everyone else who knew her. Unfortunately, she leaves behind a husband and two children close in age to my seven year old. I lost my father when I was six, and I still remember parts of the funeral 24 years later. So I’m asking you to please pray. Pray for Leasha’s family. Pray for our small town and the students who will be missing their principal in the last two months of the school year. And please pray for my daughter.

I cannot express enough how I relied on my family, friends and especially my savior, Jesus Christ. Without prayers, a positive attitude and a loving family, I would not have made it this far.– Leasha DeCamp on her battle with cancer


One thought on “This is not a post I wanted to do

  1. Praying for you guys! When I heard the news that she passed, I couldn't even imagine how that would effect her students–not to mention her very own children. So heartbreaking. Yet, there's a plan. To us humans, her life was cut short. Yet, to her Creator, she lived just as long as He intended her to from the moment of her conception.

    Praying you all find peace and comfort knowing she's in Heaven. And that you will have the words to deliver to your daughter.


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