The Springfield Three

In June of 1992, when I was just 11 years old, three women disappeared from south-side Springfield, Missouri – the city I lived in. Two of the women were 18 year old Stacy McCall and 19 year old Susie Streeter. Stacy and Susie had graduated from Kickapoo high school just hours before they disappeared along with Susie’s mom Sherrill Levitt. It’s been almost 20 years, and the women known as The Springfield Three, are still missing. Last night *The Investigation Discovery show, “Disappeared” profiled The Springfield Three’s disappearance on June 7, 1992.

Here is a video from the original Ky3 (NBC affiliate) news report from 1992 when the three women went missing.

Here is another video, this one is from KY3 news also, but is current and about last night’s Investigation Discovery channel’s show.

I don’t know if any of you who read my blog have heard of The Springfield Three or even know anything about what happened. There are so many theories and rumors as to what happened to these ladies, but no solid leads almost 20 years later. If you know something about this case, no matter how small a detail you may think it is, please call Springfield Police or Crime Stoppers. There is currently a $42,000 reward for the location and prosecution of the persons responsible for the abduction of the three women.

417-869-8477 CRIME STOPPERS
417-864-1810 (SPD 24-hour voice line)

Sherrill Levitt
Date of Birth: November 1, 1944
Age at Disappearance: 47
Height/Weight: 5’0/110 pounds
Caucasian Female. Bleached Blonde hair, brown eyes. Sherrill has a thin build and freckles on her neck and upper chest. At time of the disappearance both ears were pierced and she was a cigarette smoker. Her maiden name is Williams and she requires eyes glasses but they were located inside her residence after she disappeared.

Susie Streeter
Date of Birth: March 9, 1973
Age at Disappearance: 19
Height/Weight: 5’2 – 5’5/102 pounds
Caucasian Female. Bleached Blonde Hair, brown eyes. She has a scar on her upper right forearm and a small tumor on the left corner of her mouth which gives the appearance of chewing tobacco. Susie has large-sized teeth with no previous dental work. At the time of her disappearance, Susie had pierced ears with her left ear pierced twice, including a hole in the upper portion of her ear. Susie was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and pink shoes.

Stacy McCall
Date of Birth: April 23, 1974
Age at Disappearance: 18
Height/Weight: 5’3/120 pounds
Medical Conditions: Stacy suffers from severe migraine headaches which requires medication. She did not have her medication with her when she disappeared.
Caucasian Female. Dark Blonde hair, blue eyes. She has freckles on her face and an off-center cleft in her chin and birthmarks on her chin near her lip and on her right arm. At the time of her disappearance, her ears are pierced and she had a tanned complexion. Stacy was last seen wearing a yellow shirt, flowered bikini pants and fourteen-inch gold herringbone chain necklace, a flat gold initial ring and a ring with a small diamond.

For up to date information on this case, you can follow The Streeter Family Blogg which is ran by Bartt Streeter, Sherrill’s son and Susie’s older brother.

*The Investigation Discovery network will re-air the Disappeared Episode titled “The Springfield Three” on the following dates and times. Be sure to check your tv listings for local times:
Mar 13, 6:00 pm
Mar 14, 3:00 am


32 thoughts on “The Springfield Three

  1. I vaguely remember when this all happened, but I'm {obviously} well aware of the case because of all the media attention. Definitely a sad case, indeed. Willie and I were just talking about all the different theories last night.


  2. Phoebe, did you watch the show last night? Since we were so young when it happened, there were details on last night's show that Chris and I hadn't heard about.


  3. Saimi, unfortunately, most of us in this aread realize they are probably not alive. It's more of where are their bodies at this point. Of course, anything is possible and perhaps they will be found alive.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I think they need to dig up the parking garage. If many believe the same, and want it done, the money could probably be raised and donated if the county is holding back because of costs. The results could ease alot of minds and it also make a tremendous amount of sense. Why not bury someone at a construction site where they would be covered with concrete? I admit, its hard to think like a sicko, but the idea is actually brilliant if one was wanting to dispose of 3 bodies…I think its worth a shot.


  5. mellissa says:

    especially after they did that scan and it showed that their looks to be three bodies positioned under there!! why haven't they already begun digging?


  6. @Mellissa – The hospital gave the go ahead quite a while ago when it first was discovered that there was something in the concrete. However, I think the city and Police (at that time) decided that it couldn't justify spending the money without proof there were bodies below the surface. Springfield recently got a new police chief who seems very interested in solving this case so he might decide to give the orders to dig up the spot.


  7. I have guaranteed the cost of the core and replacement of the concrete at the parking garage. That way the PD, hospital and taxpayers of Greene County would not be out one penny.

    IMHO, the new chief was interested when he knew NBC (which own ID) was coming to town. Here we are almost five months after he said he wanted to get former and current investigators together to talk about the case and THAT hasn't even been done.



  8. Anonymous says:

    Does the police own the parking garage if not contact the hospital and and set it up yourself I know if it was my mom and sister that is what I would do.You would only have to drill core samples to see what comes up.Contact Katheen Bairg she said she would pay for it .I just watch it on ID today and find it very strange that know one would want to rule out this site.


  9. @Anonymous, the parking lot is owned by the Hospital and they have given permission to drill. I'm not sure why it hasn't been done, but it has something to do with the police.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I just saw this Disappeared episode recently. I remember this when it happened. I live in West Central, IL but it made our local news as we are not far from the MO border. It sounds to me like this person was after Sherrill because the girls weren't going to stay there that night. Was she involved with anyone before her disappearance?


  11. Anonymous says:

    dig up the parking garage site. does it take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. it makes youwonder if this was loved ones connected with the police this would have been a done deal.or are they all just a bunch of clueless police officers.


  12. I'm not sure the reasoning behind why they police don't want it done. I've heard that it's because they don't want to spend the money on something that may not produce any results in the case. I do know there is a lot of skepticism in whether the guy who says there are three bodies under the parking garage knows what he's talking about. All I know is what I've seen on the Discovery Channel's show about them. I was only 11 when they went missing, so it wasn't something I paid a lot of attention to back then.

    I know it's rumored that Sherrill was involved with Gerald Carnahan at one time. He was recently convicted of murdering a young woman back in the 80s – so it's not a stretch that he could do something like this. However, it is just a rumor.

    For the sake of the families of these ladies, I hope closure is found for them soon. Next year will be 20 years, that's a long time to go without knowing what happened.


  13. This case is one that stays with you throughout your days! I never heard anything about it before over here on the west coast but now it'll be impossible to forget. I pray that they are found and that the police actually do whatever it takes. It's just awful.


  14. What about somehow raising the funds for the dig? I think the law enforcement officials might want to take a look at Gerald Carnahan. I mean, hello, he murdered a woman in the 80s. But why wasn't he convicted? I'm not sure about Cox as the murderer. Maybe he just wants to claim them as his. That's been done so many times before.


  15. @Debbie, back in the 80s when Jackie Johns was murdered, Gerald was a suspect but they couldn't prove he did it. Then when DNA evidence became crucial in cases they were able to test DNA found on Jackie which led to Gerald's conviction just recently.

    As for raising funds for the dig, I don't know if it's that simple. Bartt Streeter, Sherrill's son and Susie's brother would know. You can find his blog at


  16. Carla says:

    If the ground radar was good enough for 9/11 why not for the Springfield PD! Makes me think they don't want to admit to being showed up by common everyday people that just want these women found!
    Also I think maybe they should also check the mausoleum where those guys were robbing grave sites.


  17. Anonymous, I'm thinking that somehow or someone from the police department was part of this and that's why they refuse to dig. There's some kind of “cover up”….pardon the pun. And it's interesting….I didn't know the girls weren't supposed to be there….and what would be a motive??? People have retired and lost their jobs due to the mishandling of this case. Why. Start w/ the police department. Whatever they've been thinking and doing isn't working. der Go from a different angle! The family needs closure.


  18. VANESSA says:



  19. Anonymous says:

    What really jumped out at me was McCall talking about the 3 purses and how they were lined up and that was unusual. Did the police just dust for prints? Did they even look behind that action or just dust for prints??? To me it says there were more than one assailent and one of them was nervous, maybe didn't want to be there but for whatever reason, went along w/ it. I straighten things or scrub that thin line of dirt around a sink when I'm thinking or nervous. A way to relieve tension or avoid an argument, or while someone wants to argue w/ me. Was anything taken from the purses?
    And why them? The mom had something on somebody that could ruin a career? Or family? Reputation? Did she have a “sugar daddy”?
    My the mom brought it upon herself unwittingly? Trying to help someone? I personally don't think it was anyone of the people listed. Maybe I just watch too much TV crime shows…..


  20. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it was a harmless “kidnap” for fun and it went totally wrong? As in a prank that mom knew about and went along with but something unplanned happened. Just a theory. Maybe they were left somewhere (as an innocent prank) and even though the pranksters were close by, the women really DID get kidknapped? Far out there but the typical investigation techniques haven't worked so, think outside the box?


  21. Anonymous says:

    Just watched the video where it mentions a car being stolen from a parking lot, the car belonged to a classmate that (just happened) to live across the street from the McCall's???? Falls into place for me. A Teenage prank that went horribly wrong. Why do we assume their friends are innocent??? Kids will be kids, esp teenagers. I was “kidnapped” for a sorority, fortunately it turned out okay. Maybe this one didn't. Thank outside the box people.


  22. From what I understand, Sherrill was a chain smoker and would never have left her cigarettes behind, even if it was just a prank.

    Both girls had just graduated that day, so it was too early for a sorority kidnap or rush prank of any sort.

    There were rumors that Sherrill had been involved with Gerald Carnahan who has since been sent to prison for the rape and murder of another young woman nearly 30 years ago. It was thought that he might have had something to do with it. There is also another local businessman who's store was being built when the 3 ladies disappeared. He has refused to allow any digging at his business from what I hear.
    There are so many theories as to what happened, it's hard to know where to start.


  23. Anonymous says:

    reeeeeeeeeeeally, interesting….a businessman…hadn't heard that one…hmmm I assume he had an ironclad allibi? I'd think for the good of the group, he'd open the doors for “business”…
    I was thinking a post-grad prank OR a step further….maybe a classmate's bf (or old bf) flirted w/ one of the girls. I would not negate the classmates possibility. Possibly not intentional but….this needs to be solved. Other people are being held from their lives due to this case. And did McCall's neighbor's car (that was stolen the next day fr a prkng lot) ever get recovered?
    And Hell hath no fury than that of a woman (gilted over a man). Just sayin'…..


  24. Anonymous says:

    Never heard of the case until recently that it appeared on the show disappeared.I don't think they are alive It's just a matter of finding the remains I think that man thats doing life did it and I believe they may buried in that parking lot this case will solved because of the familys determination to find out as it should be .


  25. Anonymous says:

    I just watched this on TV and I am so sorry for the family of all 3 women. May God bring peace to the family and he lead the right people to find these 3 ladies so the family will have closure. May God Bless… Much love from Louisiana


  26. I agree with an earlier post, Gerald Carnahan, seems to be the one to look closer at. Maybe someone someday will slip up and actually brag about what they did or how they've gotten away with it. Keep ears to the ground and pray that somebody slips up. And the Cox fellow, I think they tried to indict him but didn't have anything. I think he just lived in Spfld and a past case made him a suspect? Not 100% sure on that….But Carnahan….we know he's capable of murder. I just pray someday, for families sakes and justice served, this case gets solved. It's gone unsolved for too long.


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