2011 Blizzard

Here in Missouri, my daughter went to school on Monday – and only Monday. She has been out all week due to the blizzard that happened this week. AND, they are calling for more snow today (which has already started) and this weekend!

So here are some pictures:
This one (of the front of my husband’s truck) was taken at 2:30 AM Tuesday morning. At this point, all it was doing was freezing drizzle and there was no snow on the ground.

This one was taken just 12 hours later. Notice that my car can not go anywhere – it was trapped until my husband shoveled a path for it. You currently can not get to my front door due to the wind** that drifted all the snow to my front steps.

So now, right this moment, it is snowing. And I don’t mean little inky dinky snow flakes either. These are BIG snowflakes intent on making sure my daughter does not go to school next week either.

I don’t think my sanity will survive.

**By the way, a blizzard is not defined by the amount of snow you get, but rather by how fast the wind is blowing the snow around and the lack of visibility due to the blowing snow.**


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