American Idol Season 10

Did anyone watch the American Idol Milwaukee auditions last night? I think I have found my favorite – Chris Medina. What a stand up guy he is! If you haven’t heard about him, watch this video:

So I think I’ve found who I’m rooting for this season. Who are you rooting for so far?

On a side note, did you see the mom at the end who hit the camera and was cussing up a storm – she was the one who told her very upset daughter to “Shut Up”! Who does that? I mean come on, show some compassion.


2 thoughts on “American Idol Season 10

  1. Wow, that was awesome! I've been a big fan of American Idol but I have to admit after Paula left I sorta quit watching then Simon left…so…I guess I haven't been back.

    Great story and man the guy can sing!!


  2. I was not a big Paula fan, but I loved Simon. Jlo is pretty good but I'm loving Steven Tyler on there. I noticed Randy has gotten a lot more blunt, like he's trying to be like Simon or something.


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