Temple Grandin

Have you seen the movie Temple Grandin? I must say, I watched it many times and although I do not have a child with autism, I do know others who deal with it on a daily basis. One of my friends said, after she watched the movie, that she noticed similarities within her own son who is autistic.

I was watching the 2011 Golden Globes tonight (I always record award shows and watch them later so I can fast foward the parts I don’t wanna see, like Ricky Gervais – he’s really not that funny, just insulting), and I was so excited when Claire Danes won for her portrayal of Temple and then saw the real Temple Grandin congratulating her, very excitedly. I got so into the movie, and Claire did such an amazing job in her portrayal, that I often forgot it was Claire Danes I was watching.

Here’s the video from the Golden Globes:

If you have not seen the HBO movie Temple Grandin, I highly recommend watching it. It is available on DVD. Temple has been instrumental in changing many things, especially how others interact and work with autistic children.

People are always looking for the single magic bullet that will totally change everything. There is no single magic bullet. ~Temple Grandin


4 thoughts on “Temple Grandin

  1. I can't remember how much I watched it. I was never a big Claire Danes fan and thought her acting was all right but not great – until I saw her in this movie. She proved her talent with this one.
    I think Temple is a grand example of why we shouldn't underestimate those who are different from us. Just because someone is autistic doesn't mean they are incapable. Quite the opposite, most are more capable than us “normal” folk.

    Have you seen the movie “Miracle Run” with Zach Efron and Mary Louise Parker. It's another great movie about autism.


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