Girl Scout Cookies

This is my daughter’s first year as a girl scout – she’s a Daisy. The cool part is that now, Daisies can sell cookies. I am already planning on buying more than 10 boxes of cookies – I like them all, but I think my favorite is the lemonades. They are a shortbread cookies shaped like lemon slices with a lemon icing on bottom. They are yummy. Of course the number 1 selling cookie is the thin mint, which half of my order will be those.

I loved being a girl scout and I regret not participating in junior high and high school. I remember going to camp one year and getting to ride a horse – I didn’t get off properly and fell off…man those were the days! haha.

So tell me, what are your favorite girl scout cookies? Were you a Girl Scout?

*You do not have to know a girl scout to buy cookies – you can go directly to the council’s main office in your area to buy those familiar boxes of tasty cookies.*


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