Book Review: Because I Said So

Title: Because I Said So

Keller Williams
Illustrator: Bill Harris

Book Description:
Told through the eyes of ‘Lil Keller’, “Because I Said So” is a story of a boy who wants everything he sees: Pink Flamingos, alligators, giraffes and bulldozers, he wants to have it all! The age-old lesson contained within this visual and musical adventure is that you can’t always get what you want and there isn’t always a good reason why. Be happy with life’s little things, focus on the attainable, and stay joyful and happy along the way.

CD Description:
A true original, Keller Williams has won the hearts and imaginations of a seething tide of young adults who are musically ‘in the know.’ With his sixteenth album, Kids, Keller stakes out his next conquest- the absolute adoration of the under-10 crowd and their parents, caregivers, and relatives. With Kids, Keller creates a style of family music that’s all his own, and reaches his young audience in a way that matters. While other performers play for kids, Keller plays with them. For the album, Keller takes influences of traditional bluegrass, ‘Chester & Lester’ innovative guitar technique, Robin Williams, and Bobby McFerrin and transports them to warp level. And though Keller’s virtuosity extends through his phenomenal instrumental technique and range of vocal styles and effects, he never allows his supreme musicianship to get in the way of the pure joy of the music. Keller Williams’ high standards are preserved in his first CD for children and families, Kids.

My Review:

My son is at that wonderful age where, after everything I say, he replies with “WHY” and then I hit him back with a “Because I said so.” So it was no wonder I loved this charming little book, as did my two year old and my seven year old. In fact, my oldest wanted me to read the book again right after I finished reading it the first time.

You can’t help but smile as you read this book to your little ones and all the while wondering what crazy thing Lil’ Keller will ask for next. And as for the cd, my son loves, loves, loves music and to dance around so it was definitely a hit for him. Also on the cd, is the song Because I Said So which tells the story in the book, so your kids can listen to the song while looking at the pictures within the book.

I definitely recommend this book for your children, whether like mine, they are two and seven or any other age.Now go out and buy this book and cd for your kids (or grandkids) – Because I said so!

“Because I Said So” is…

  • Printed and manufactured in the USA!
  • Printed with environmentally-friendly soy ink!
  • Printed on elemental chlorine-free (ECF),sustainably harvested, recycled stock!

*I received a copy of this book electronically and a copy of the cd by mail to review from
Waldmania! PR Group because I am a member of the SheBlogs network, but was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed here are my own.*


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