Most Memorable Halloween

Happy Day after Halloween everyone! Did you get a lot of treats? Or mostly tricks?

I love Halloween, how ’bout you? Do you have a memorable Halloween.

Seven years ago yesterday, was probably my most memorable Halloween ever! Let me recap.

In March of 2003, my husband and I were married in California. We had eloped. It was so much easier that way. Anyways, shortly after we married, we were expecting our first born. She was going to be a December baby.

Well, I didn’t have an easy pregnancy. I went to the hospital on three or four different occasions because of dehydration. I couldn’t keep anything down. By October, my blood pressure was crazy high and after a routine ob visit, my Doctor decided I needed to be admitted for bed rest and observation. I wasn’t due for another two months.

So, after a week and a half of hospitalized bed rest, it was the end of October. October 30th to be exact and I was up late watching the Roseanne Halloween Marathon on one of the few good channels the hospital actually had. The marathon ended with the episode where she has her last baby on Halloween. Jerry Garcia Conner. So after the episode, I’m like, Dr. So-and-So is gonna come in here in the morning and tell me “We’re gonna take this baby now.”

The next morning, October 31st, before breakfast, my doctor walks in and tells me I’m getting worse and for the health of me and my baby, they are going to perform a c-section and take her early. Six and a half weeks early. So almost 7 hours later, my boo-tiful little ghoul arrived in the world at 4lbs 9oz, and just a mere 6 and a half weeks early, with no complications!

Now, 7 years later, my little ghoul is in school, and just as boo-tiful as the day she was born.

So every Halloween is a celebration in our house since it’s a very special day! We have parties and cake and cookies and don’t forget that all important Halloween treat – candy! Our house now has a lot of candy…feel free to come over and get some. 🙂

Have a Great November!

Boo! Halloween may be over, but I’m still celebrating with @ & entering to win a Canon Rebel DSLR camera. This post is part of the Halloween Party going on over at The Sits Girls site this week.


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