Reality TV Saturdays

I am not what you would call a fashionista. I have absolutely no sense of fashion whatsoever. However, when it comes to reality shows, I’m ready to give my opinion as if I were an expert. Believe it or not, I am actually liking Project Runway. Tim Gunn is really growing on me. My favorite designer though, is Michael C. Everyone just keeps on hating on him and the only one who knows that he’s not that bad of a guy is Mondo, who will most likely win Season 8.

**Warning: The following will contain spoilers if you have not watched your DVR’d episode from 10/07/2010 yet.**

So I watched Thursday’s highly anticipated show, thinking someone was going to be booted for cheating, as shown in the preview for that episode. Did anyone get booted for cheating? No. Was there really an accusation of cheating? Yes. But it was from a Ivy. Tim quickly addressed the issue and told all the contestants and former contestants to put it aside and forget about it. Yeah Tim!

So who will not be returning to the show? One of the models had a family emergency, leaving Christopher with a replacement model. And who did get booted from the show….I’ll never tell. 🙂


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