Reality TV Saturdays

Well premiere week is over and there are a lot of great shows out there. Most of them are new ones, but one is in it’s 11th season and I’m am watching for the first time, basically. I’m talking about Dancing With the Stars. I gotta say, I’m pretty happy with this week’s results. David Hasselhoff, the great Knight Rider himself, Thank God he is gone, because I was gonna be really upset if he ended up beating Jennifer Gray due to his fan base, which was obviously not watching him. Which by the way, Jennifer’s dance was the best one out there. Of course I’m right, because even the judges agree with me! She did get the highest score from the judges.

So the new season of Survivor is starting and it looks pretty interesting. I doubt that I will be watching though, because my DVR is already overloaded during the week. But former NFL coach, Jimmy Johnson will be one of the contestants. I think this is the first time a person of some sort of fame has been on the show. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Usually the only time I watch is when Rupert comes back. I love watching that tye-dyed hippie. He reminds me of Hagrid from Harry Potter.

What reality shows are you excited to see back on?


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