They are such Bratz…

It looks like the Bratz dolls are coming back to a store shelve near you sometime in August. The dolls which are owned by MGA, were designed by Carter Bryant. Bryant was under contract with Mattel as a Barbie designer when he came up with the concept for the Bratz dolls and sold the drawings to MGA. Mattel then sued for rights to the dolls and won, however an appeals court overturned that ruling last week and MGA again has the right to sell the dolls.

I never cared for the dolls or the effect they had on little girls who wanted to look just like them. The style of clothing put on the dolls always seemed inappropriate for 6 year old girls. It appears though, that the new line of Bratz dolls have undergone a little bit of a makeover. The new dolls seem more fashionable and less like Kelly Bundy from the early episodes of Married With Children.

What do you think? Does your daughter like the Bratz dolls, or are you like me and won’t buy them? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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