How Do You Help Out?

Do you like to help out in your community? Sometimes, the smallest act can make the biggest difference to someone else. It can be as simple as serving dinner at a homeless shelter or donating your time at a grieve counseling center. I like donating stuff. Things I may deem as junk can become beautiful in someone else’s hands. Clothes that no longer fit my children, can fit another mother’s children.

There are many great places to donate all those items and clothing to. Before we moved back down here, we lived in another small town. In that small town was a resale shop. I can’t remember the name of the place, but they helped women who were victims of domestic violence. They were linked to the women’s shelter in town and when a woman was leaving the shelter, she could go to this shop and get items for her new home. Whatever wasn’t chosen by these ladies, would go out onto the floor for customers to browse through. All profits then went back to the shelter, so more women could be helped. So before we moved back down this way, we donated everything we didn’t want to bring with us. Much like Goodwill, they took everything.

Goodwill has started a new campaign called the Donate Movement to get more donations coming in. When you donate your unwanted items, you are recycling instead of throwing those items away. Which for all of you who want to become more green, is a great way to start. When you donate anything to Goodwill, you are helping to make a difference within your community and within the lives of those Goodwill helps.

Do you donate your unwanted items or do you help out in your community in other ways? Leave me a comment and let me know.


5 thoughts on “How Do You Help Out?

  1. I seem to be forever taking loads down to the charity shops in town. Which is weird because I don't seem to buy anything new to replace the old. It is a great way to combat clutter.

    New follower from fmbt


  2. I recently joined a womens group and one of our main focuses, is giving back. We have done everything from donating unused toiletry items (make-up, shampoo, etc.) to doing a teddy bear drive for the fire department (they give teddy bears to children in car accidents or at fires). Several times a year, I weed out everyones clothes that no longer fit and donate them to the Goodwill or the local Christian charity. At Christmas, I have my boys pick names, from the local charity, of boys their ages who have Christmas wish lists, then we pick out gifts for them. A little bit goes a long way!


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