Return to Sender

I recently read an article about an American woman who already raising a biological son, decided to adopt another son – from Russia. I’m all for adopting a child who has nobody to care for him (outside of the orphanage he lived in). It’s easier to some extent to adopt a child outside of the US. Most adoptions happen between China and the US or Russia and the US. More recently, Haiti has been a place Americans go to for a child to adopt, due to the earthquake there.

Anyways, back to the article I read. The woman, a Tennessee nurse in her early 30s with a son of her own, decided to adopt a boy from Russia – only to put him on a plane with a backpack of coloring books, cookies and a one-way ticket back to Russia.

Who does that kind of thing?

Ms. Hansen, the adopted mother claims the orphanage lied to her about the boy’s mental stability in order to get rid of him. In a note she sent with the child, she claims that “he is violent and has severe psychopathic issues/behaviors.”

Okay first of all, most children you adopt from any environment are going to have some sort of issues. The boy in question was removed from his mother’s care when he was 6 and currently he is 7. That doesn’t seem like a lot of time to get the child the care and medical attention he needs and deserves. His biological mother was an alcoholic and if she drank when she was pregnant with him, that could account in part for his current behavior.

Now, because of the actions of this woman, Russia is considering this the final straw in a long list of US/Russian adoptions that have ended badly. The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said the current agreement between Russia and the US will have to be changed to include new terms and conditions before any more adoptions are allowed.

I have a friend who is trying to adopt from Russia. She and her husband have been fund raising like crazy in order to be able to adopt a beautiful little girl. The little girl is considered special needs because of a condition she has, and in order to get the surgeries needed to correct it, the adoption needs to be finalized soon. I hope because of these bad adoptions, my friends and those like them who are way into the adoption process are not put off any longer than they already have been, or worse rejected all together.

If you are thinking about adopting outside of the US, here are a couple of accredited agencies who specialize in international adoptions.


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