Breakfast With Jesus

I’m one of those people who believes you should help the homeless, not ridicule them. So many times, we are blessed with what we have, and we do not think about those who don’t have what we take for granted. Clothes. Shoes. Water. Homes. Food.


Something I get plenty of, others struggle to find. Why is it, that we have enough money to buy ourselves a $6 value meal at Burger King, but can’t afford to give that same $6 to someone in need – in America?

A group of people in Los Angeles, California have started an outreach to help the homeless in their area. It’s called Breakfast With Jesus and one Saturday a month, these good Samaritans are serving the homeless of Skid row pancakes and eggs and offering them the love of Jesus.

That simple.

How many other organizations and outreach programs in America do just that. Serve those in need. Please keep in mind that pancakes and eggs are not the only thing this group is doing. They are constantly looking for donations of those everyday things we take for granted, as well as prayer. Prayer can be such a powerful act, especially when you pray for others.

If you are like me, and want to help but do not live any where near California, you can contact the Breakfast With Jesus outreach program to find out where to send donations, or better yet, how to start your own Breakfast With Jesus program with those in your community.

By the way, the average age of a homeless person in America is 9 years old. That’s something to think about.

*The photo above is from the Breakfast With Jesus fan page on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast With Jesus

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an interesting article to follow the adoption article. I don't understand why children are homeless. I don't understand a parent that would keep their child in that situation unless they are mentally ill. I wish there was some way to connect with these folks. I would GLADLY take in a child – offer them love and support until their parents could get back on their feet.


  2. Anon, I hadn't even noticed the connection between the two postings. A friend of mine that lives in CA, works with this organization.

    I also wish there was more ways to help those children. Unfortunately, a lot of parents are scared that if they leave their children with someone else, they won't get them back. It's sad that we can't offer help to those who need it, and assure them, they will get their children back.


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