America’s Biggest Food Fight

I love food. No, really, I do. I L-O-V-E food. You can tell by looking at me. I won’t say how much I weigh….but it’s too much. I wasn’t a skinny mini in high school, but I was healthy. I was in activities that kept me active. Post high school and two kids later, I’m no longer as active as I once was and I weigh a lot more than I did just 12 years ago.

Changing your eating habits isn’t all about losing weight, it’s about being healthy. Eating out less. Cooking with real, natural healthy foods. Not the stuff in boxes from the frozen aisle(or grocery) that all you do is heat and eat. You know what I’m talking about. Instant potatoes, hamburger helper, frozen pizzas, frozen dinners. They are called convenience foods – they’re cheap and fast. But they aren’t healthy. In all reality, they really aren’t any quicker to prepare than a home cooked meal with real ingredients.

British Chef, Jamie Oliver revolutionized the way food in British schools are made. Now he’s here in the USA showing us how to change our lives and eat healthier. Jamie was on the Oprah Winfrey Show this week, promoting his new show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on the ABC network. While on the show, Jamie demonstrated to Oprah and the audience, just how easy it is to make good food with fresh ingredients.

Jamie’s show is all about trying to get healthier foods on the school menus. Most of what our children are being fed for breakfast and lunch is over processed, fatty, sugary, unhealthy foods. Now I’ll be the first one to admit that when I was in school, I loved the lunches. Chicken nugget day, chili day and pizza day were my favorites. It was also great in the 6th grade (before the invention of middle school) during lunch, because towards the end, the cooks would bring out left over pizza to us since we ate last. It wasn’t healthy then and neither is the stuff our kids eat at school for breakfast and lunch now.

I had heard about a teacher in one of America’s elementary schools who was writing a blog, documenting her daily lunch. The lunches, were the same ones being fed to the young students at the school she teaches at. She decided to start the blog after she forgot her lunch one day and ended up eating the school lunch. Good Morning America’s Juju Chang (on the ABC network) spoke with the teacher known only as Mrs. Q, for fear of losing her job due to her blog Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project.

Would you want to feed your children unhealthy foods? Why should we let the schools serve foods that we wouldn’t want our children to eat? Take a stand and let the President know change needs to happen. Sign Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” petition and help give our kids healthy foods at school.

For great recipes that are easy to make and made with fresh ingredients, check out my friend Phoebe’s blog, Getting Freedom. She often posts easy, frugal recipes on her site.

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***I am in no way affiliated with ABC, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution or Good Morning America, and was in no way compensated or paid for posting this blog entry.

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